Steve Fenton was torn between letting an international treaty play out to bring his son home; or following his initial gut instinct of a private recovery. Failure in either scenario most likely meant he would never see his son again. 
          A year after his son's abduction by his wife to southern Mexico, Fenton realized that the broken promise to his son had been kept too long. Mexico City and the U.S. State Department were adamant that his son would be returned to the U.S., however Fenton saw that his only hope would be to leave diplomats to their own devices and let a broken treaty become useful, now only as a distraction. The father quietly began engineering an intricate plan to locate and privately bring his son back home to California. 
          The account chronicles the surreal drama of a rescue plagued by inconceivable variables—realizing success only by a uniquely orchestrated alignment of luck. Pandemonium ensues moments after a silent-running Cherokee drops onto a runway in Brownsville, Texas. What develops hours after the recovery becomes as dramatic as the rescue itself -- Mexico City was intent on the return of the young son and having Fenton held on a series of frivolous criminal allegations. 
          BROKEN TREATY offers a raw look into the impact of international parental child abduction and the dynamics that tear a family apart. The account describes the overwhelming barriers for recovery and the unexpected challenges to pursue normalcy beyond a missing child's return.